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Welcome to the Management class with Mrs. Vetter. Mrs. Vetter is available to assist you at anytime. Questions and concerns can be emailed to For this class we will use a variety of sites to conduct assignments, quizzes, projects and tests, and web projects.. This page is your description of what needs to be done daily. It will tell you where to find the material needed to complete each assisignment (which on-line location). Students also receive project points while completing projects. Select the link for details.

We will use the following sites for completing assignments, quizzes and tests: Google Classroom,, and Virtual Business, EdPuzzle, and Quizizz.

Previous Assignments: To access directions and material for previous weeks, select the appropriate link below:

Mon. May 13 Sports & Entertainement Test Project
Tue. May 14

Present Projects

Wed May 15

Present Projects

Thur. May 16 Present Projects
Fri. May 17 DECA Store Hours

To access directions and material for previous weeks, select the appropriate link below:

Assignments from Semester 1- First Day of School - January 8
Assignments from Semester 2
- January 11 - Last day of SchoolLate Work Reminder:10% reduction the first day, 20% the second day, and 50% on the third day. Some assignments will have no value when late and are at the teacher's discretion.

Web Project:

None currently assigned

Student Links/Data Files

Deca Sample Events

Course Syllabus:

The course syllabus includes; a course description, student expected outcomes, teaching methods, needed materials, class expectations, learning environment policies, computer policies, class fees, appearance, grading policies and store policies. Grading policies include details on make-up work due to absences.

Course Description:

This course is designed to prepare students in areas such as job-seeking, human relations, economics of marketing, applied marketing communications, marketing research, salesmanship, applied marketing mathematics, display, advertising and business operations. Students in this course complete hands-on activities, including individual and group projects, to meet competency expectation levels. Students are provided with problem-solving methods, teamwork activities and workplace readiness skills. Students work in the Corner Junction, the school store, to gain valuable work experience in the areas of operations, display, promotion and inventory control.

Student Outcomes:

Marketing fundamentals, terms and terminology

Understand different types of economies and how they are evaluated

Selling fundamentals, including customer needs, overcoming objections and closing the sale

Promotion, promotional strategies, advertising, and advertising media

Business Concepts and Legal/Ethical Issues

Academic Concepts and Skills for Marketing

Employability and Career Development

This course also allows students to apply management, marketing and merchandising fundamentals and techniques while operating the school-based enterprise—the school store

Teaching Methods:

Instruction begins with lecture and group discussions followed by critical thinking questions. Important material from the text and outside sources will be covered in class. It is imperative that students listen carefully and work with the instructor to ensure transfer of key concepts.

Assignments: End of chapter activities and online activities will be assigned to reinforce material in the text.

Quizzes: Occasional unannounced quizzes may be given.

Exams: end of chapter exams will be closed book and will require each student to understand content covered in the current and previous chapters to complete the test.

 Needed Text/Materials:


Text : Marketing Essentials

PowerPoint Slides with Notes

Three Ring Binder for class files

Student responsibility:

College Ruled Notebook – single subject - required

Pencil, pens, folder


Flash Drive Recommended but not required

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Class Expectations:

All students will actively participate in ensuring the classroom is a safe, respectful, and a highly supportive environment in which all students are engaged in the learning process.  The main ingredient for accomplishing this is "respect".   The following applies:

Learning Environment Policy:

Actively participate in the learning process.

Attend, arrive on time, and be prepared for class.

Act with respect toward yourself, the teacher, fellow classmates, and school property.

Achieve success through asking questions, honesty, and working consistently.

Listen carefully. While the instructor is demonstrating key concepts, listen, ask questions, and follow along.

Classroom Policies:

Students are to remain seated throughout the duration of class - no lining up at classroom door

No food or drinks allowed in the classroom

Cell phones, iPads, tablets, iPods, or electronic readers are not to be visible, used, or on during class

When given permission to use the internet, students are expected to use it responsibly. Any unacceptable use of the Internet will result in consequences

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Grading Policies:

This course consists of daily in-class assignments, homework assignments, group and individual projects, as well as tests and quizzes.  

Grading Scale:

A   100% - 92%           
B   91% - 82%             
C   81% - 72%             
D   71% - 62%               
F   61% & Below      

Daily Assignments/homework is due at the end of class on the date due.   The student is responsible for obtaining material distributed on class days when he/she was absent. This can be done through our website at, by contacting a classmate, or by contacting the instructor during her office hours.

Group Activity Assignments are required, recorded, and handed in by each group. Each student within the group will receive equal credit. Lack of participation will result in a zero on these assignments.

Internet Web Projects. Students will be given a specified time frame (usually 2 days or 2 weeks) to complete each project. These are completed outside of the classroom and researched by the student during his/her own time.

Make-up work is accepted for students with excused absences. Students have two days upon return to make up work.

Late work or work not completed on time (not due to an excused absence) will have an overall deduction of 10% the first day and 20% the second day.   The assignment will be worth 50% on the third day. Some assignments will have no value and are at the teacher's discretion.

Missed quizzes/tests are the responsibility of the student to visit with the instructor to schedule a makeup session/time.

Interaction and general advice is encouraged and permissible between students to assist classmates in general discussions after lecture.   Each person must develop his or her own solutions to the assigned projects, assignments, and tasks.  

Cheating is not acceptable and will result in a zero (0) on the assignment, project, quiz or exam.

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School Store:

This course also allows students to apply management, marketing and merchandising fundamentals and techniques while operating the school-based enterprise—the school store.  Management Students will serve as “store managers” overseeing the daily operation of a retail business by serving customers and training other marketing students to help them master skills needed to succeed in a retail setting.

Twice a month, on the 15th and the 31 of each month, you will be required to have finished a school store quiz. You will have two weeks to finish the quiz. It can be completed during your school store hour. Each quiz will have 25 multiple choice questions and is valued at 25 points for a homework assisgnment in powerschool. You will be able to use any resources you like to finish this quiz. Including a textbook, your notes, or you can use the internet to google to find the answer. Your grading is as follows:

# Correct Score on Quiz
> = 20 25
18 - 19 23
16 - 17 22
14 - 15 21
12 - 13 19
< 12 17

School Store Grade

Each student earns 20 points per week for working in the Magi Market or Magi Connections at their scheduled time. Because students work one hour in the school store, there is no class on Fridays. If the student misses a day, they will receive a zero for not working the week and will have 5 days to complete their hour or schedule a make time with the instructor to receive full credit. All makeup hours are completed after school; never before or during the work day. The scheduled makeup day is Wednesday from 3:00 - 3:30. Two students per shift are allowed. Sign up for the shift the week following your missed store hours. If two students are already scheduled, you will need to sign up on an alternate date with your instructor.

Students are trained on proper store procedures and etiquette. Deductions are applied to the daily score under the following conditions:

40 points if you login then leave your shift early (20 points for the week you left, and 20 points for the next as you serve LOP). 7th hour students do not close the store/concessions prior to 3:00.

20 if you leave the school store unattended and unlocked

20 points for skipping/forgetfulness

10 pts if you cause another student to be late for class because you are late arriving to the store

10 pts if your tasks from the Duties list are not completed as assigned by the store manager

10 pts Balance Register not completed each hour

5 pts Balance Register process completed incorrectly


Business professionslas visit the department frequently; therefore the appearance of the student is a reflection on the department and school.  This includes the classroom, computer lab, and school store. When customers visit the store, you are required to greet the customer in a professional and positive manner. This includes asking if assistance is needed. Be polite, courteous, and helpful at all times.

When working in the community on a class related project, students should wear dress clothes, or their DECA/Marketing t-shirt.

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Professional Points:

Students will earn Professional points for activities they participate in for DECA and the Marketing program. To participate in conferences for DECA, students need to be involved in DECA sponsored events. To go to the State Conference students need to earn at least 20 points for the year. Professional point oppurtunities will occur throughout the year and will be announced by your instructor. Examples of when you will earn points include things like:

1- 5 points per hour for volunteer service with a max of 5 pts (trick or treat for cans, selling pancake tickets, conducting miracle minute, and working the prom dress sales event.

1 point for attending social events.

1 point for volunteer work in school store or concession events

1 pt for each professional dress day and 1 point for each tshirt day. These days are as follows:

    2nd Tuesday of each month is Business Dress Day              4th Tuesday of each month is DECA T-shirt Day

There are no bonus assisignments for the marketing program for you to earn a "better grade". However, professional points are also considered bonus points for your class. So if you want to earn bonus points for this class, you will need to be involved in the Marketing Program and DECA sponsored events.

Football Concessions: 50 point assignment

As part of the school store and the Marketing program you are required to work one football concession event.  It is a 2.5 hour event.  Students who are football players, in another sport, or cheerleaders will be assigned to a different event.  It could be a different sporting event concessions stand, a staff in-service day, or during Parent Teacher conferences.  This assignment is worth 50 points.  If a parent says you cannot work one of these shifts your instructor will ask for a signed document from the parent and a phone call from your parent to discuss this issue.  If it is verified you cannot work a 2.5 hour shift any time this year, you will be required to complete a five page typed report on a topic selected by your instructor that requires you to include references. 

Program Goals:
Students apply effective merchandising, promotion, sales and customer service techniques

Students Demonstrate appropriate work behavior:

  • Exhibit dependability, punctuality, honesty & integrity
  • Act professionally and responsibly and Accept responsibility
  • Demonstrate pride and loyalty

Students project a business-like image:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the school-based business & its products
  • Promote the image and purpose of the school store
  • Exhibit positive behavior & professionalism

Student demonstrate effective leadership skills:

  • Give clear and concise directions
  • Provide constructive criticism
  • Demonstrate effective listening skills
  • Effectively motivate others to perform on the job
  • Evaluate sales trainees based on observed skills and personal quality


Students maintain working relationships with others

  • Respond appropriately to criticism
  • Accept and comply with directions
  • Accept responsibility for own actions
  • Perform as a successful, contributing team member
  • Show empathy and respect for others



Mrs. Cassie Vetter
Marketing & Business Education Department
Minot High School

Marketing Office Phone: 857-4533
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