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My name is Mrs. Vetter.  If you are interested in contacting me, my educational background, my philosphy of education or my mission, please read below.

How to Contact Me:

Marketing Office Phone: 857-4533
Via E-mail: Cassie Vetter

My Educational and Work Experience Background: (back to top)

I graduated from Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota with a degree in Business Education. For the first five years of my work experience, I was responsible for teaching business classes for a vocational education program. I trained career development skills that included: resume writing, job seeking skills, and interview techniques. In addition, I taught Word-Processing, spreadsheet, data entry, filing procedures, and desktop publishing.

After 5 years of teaching, I pursued an opportunity to utilize my teaching skills in a corporate training capacity. What a bonus to be in the travel industry! I was fortunate to spend the next ten years working in eight different roles as a result of several promotional opportunities. I held a range of positions that included training, supervisor, and manager. For seven of those ten years, I held the title of Manager, Customer Care Norwest/KLM Airlines. Throughout this experience, I have gained extensive and invaluable experience about business, the working environment, and training and development! 

Over the years I have managed several departments with a focus on the training and development needs for the company and my department. As a result, I have gained 15 years of experience in computer application training, performance assessment, and curriculum development. I enjoyed each and every role I filled but knew that my favorite and most successful positions involved teaching. Therefore, in 2007, I changed my goals and pursued my Masters of Science in Business Management with the intent to return to education. In 2009, I fulfilled these goals by gaining employment at Red River High School and completing my advanced degree. My future goals are to provide a positive and fun learning environment that will result in life long learning.

My philosophy of Education: (back to top)

Education is a life long process.  It is the foundation of who we are and what we become.  Education continues to shape how successful we are with the life choices we make. 

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”
                                                            John Dewey.


My mission: (back to top)

To utilize a variety of instructional methods to meet the needs of all learning styles that will result in the transfer of learning for all students. 


Mrs. Cassie Vetter
Marketing & Business Education Department
Minot High School

Marketing Office Phone: 857-4533
Contact Mrs. Vetter via e-mail
Last Updated on September 21, 2017