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Personal Finance, Mrs. Vetter

Welcome to Mrs. Vetter's Personal Finance class. Mrs. Vetter is available to assist you at anytime. Questions and conerns can be emailed to For this class we will use a variety of sites to conduct assignments, quizes, and tests, and web projects.. This page is your description of what needs to be done daily. It will tell you where to find the material needed to complete each assisignment (which on-line location). You will review this page to learn what needs to be done daily.

Material Links:

We will use the following sites: Google Classroom,, and Virtual Business. Select the correct link here for this week's assignments , previous assignments 1st semester , or the Course syllabus for this class please read below.

Previous Weeks Assignments Link:

This Week's Personal Finance Assignments Below:

Mon. Jan. 04

1. Printed and Handed out the Note packet (see link below). If you are working from home, print or open and complete electronically.

2. Complete Page 1 of the note packet using the internet to find your answers.

Material Links:

Note Packet

Tue. Jan. 05

1. Begin Page 2 of Notes and Learn Step by Step how to complete a 1040 to file your taxes.

2. Go to Google Classroom and complete Understanding the W2 form.

Material Links:

Form Standard Deduction for Dependants
Form: 1040 Instructions
Form: 1040


Jan. 06

Complete Taxes for Angela Li
Thur. Jan. 07 Complete Taxes for Edgar Lores
Fri. Jan. 08 Complete Tax Test for Melinda Flowers

Late Work Reminder:10% reduction the first day, 20% the second day, and 50% on the third day. Some assignments will have no value when late and are at the teacher's discretion.

Web Project:

None currently assigned

Student Links/Data Filess

CNET Updates
Your World In 90 Seconds
Deca Sample Events

Course Syllabus:

The course syllabus includes; a course description, teaching methods, needed materials, class expectations, learning environment policies, computer policies, Grading policies include details on make-up work due to absences.


Course Description:

Teaching Methods:
  • Instruction begins with lecture and group discussions followed by critical thinking questions. Important material from the text and outside sources will be covered in class. It is imperative that students listen carefully and work with the instructor to ensure transfer of key concepts.
  • Assignments: End of chapter activities and online activities will be assigned to reinforce material in the text.
  • Quizzes: Occasional unannounced quizzes may be given.
  • Exams: end of chapter exams will be closed book and will require each student to understand content covered in the current and previous chapters to complete the test.
Needed Text/Materials:
  • No Textbook needed.
  • All notes, material and links for this classroom are available on the class webpage at
  • We will utilize google classroom,,, and other free web based software

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Class Expectations:

All students will actively participate in ensuring the classroom is a safe, respectful, and a highly supportive environment in which all students are engaged in the learning process.  The main ingredient for accomplishing this is "respect".   The following applies:

Learning Environment Policy:

  • Actively participate in the learning process.
  • Attend, arrive on time, and be prepared for class.
  • Act with respect toward yourself, the teacher, fellow classmates, and school property.
  • Achieve success through asking questions, honesty, and working consistently.
  • Listen carefully. While the instructor is demonstrating key concepts, listen, ask questions, and follow along.

Classroom Policies:

  • Students are to remain seated throughout the duration of class - no lining up at classroom door
  • No food (meal type) or open drinks allowed in the classroom
  • Cell phones, ipads, tablets, ipods, or electronic readers are not to be visible, used, or on during class withough permission
  • When given permission to use the internet, students are expected to use it responsibly. Any unacceptable use of the Internet will result in consequence

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Grading Policies:

This course consists of daily in-class assignments, homework assignments, group and individual projects, as well as tests and quizzes.  

  • Grading Scale:

    A   100% - 92%           
    B   91% - 82%             
    C   81% - 72%             
    D   71% - 62%               
    F   61% & Below     
  • Daily Assignments/homework is due at the end of class on the date due.   The student is responsible for obtaining material distributed on class days when he/she was absent. This can be done through our website at, by contacting a classmate, or by contacting the instructor during her office hours.
  • Group Activity Assignments are required, recorded, and handed in by each group. Each student within the group will receive equal credit. Lack of participation will result in a zero on these assignments.
  • Internet Web Projects. Students will be given a specified time frame (usually 2 weeks) to complete each project. These are completed outside of the classroom and researched by the student during his/her own time.
  • Make-up work is accepted for students with excused absences. Students have two days upon return to make up work.
  • Late work or work not completed on time (not due to an excused absence) will have an overall deduction of 10% the first day and 20% the second day.   The assignment will be worth 50% on the third day. Some assignments will have no value and are at the teacher's discretion.
  • Missed quizzes/tests are the responsibility of the student to visit with the instructor to schedule a makeup session/time.
  • Interaction and general advice is encouraged and permissible between students to assist classmates in general discussions after lecture.   Each person must develop his or her own solutions to the assigned projects, assignments, and tasks.  
  • Cheating is not acceptable and will result in a zero (0) on the assignment, project, quiz or exam.

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